"You see, the thing is..."

So my wife and I were shopping the jeans sale at Old Navy last night and we were both chatting with the woman who was ringing up our jeans (well, Nan was chatting and I was more or less engaged in some type of performance art) and noticed that things were not quite right with our total. It was pretty obvious that it was ringing up a bit less than we had anticipated. Our friendly cashier assured us that everything was fine and, after paying for our purchases, we left. Well, on our way out of the mall we were remarking at how good of a deal it was when we realized, yet again, that all was not well. After pulling out the jeans from the bag and comparing the receipt to what we had we realized that she had not rung up one of our pairs of jeans. So, we went back to let her know that she undercharged us.

She was pretty surprised and pretty thankful that we had come back. I was mildly disappointed that she decided to charge us for the jeans that she didn't charge us for before (hey - Wegman's always gives me the stuff I didn't get charged for after I point out their error), but this is where things get a bit more interesting. She slung some mild Karma-like blessing our way to the tune of "a good deed will come our way as a result of our performing of ours" and we got to assure her that our doing this was just the right thing to do and nothing was expected as a result. More conversation and performance art ensued and we were, again, on our way.

At any rate I got to thinking that, to a person, I would expect my friends to do the same thing we did. Of course I would have loved to say, "Woo hoo! Free jeans!" but if I did I would be holding my friends to a higher standard than I was willing to hold. Maybe that says something about the friends I hang out with (a bunch of holy rollers) or my naiveté, but that is just a natural thing for me to do and to expect.

All this to say, if any of you are ever buying jeans with me and are tempted to say "Woo hoo!" (as I was) in this situation...well...don't disappoint me. Got it!!??


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