Brayn Duncan

Usually my "nostalgia kicks" leave me by the beginning of Summer. Every once and a while I get a whiff of what used to be and I realize either how far I have come from those times or how far I have fallen from what used to be. I am listening to a couple of Bryan Duncan songs on YouTube songs and recall a conversation that Bryan and I had during a concert in Buffalo when I was in college:

Bryan Duncan: "[I forget what he said]"
Me (from the crowd): "Bryan!!"
Bryan Duncan: "What?!
Me: [Um, OK that wasn't supposed to happen...] "Yaaaaagggghhhhh!"
Bryan Duncan: [laughs] "[Goes on talking about whatever it was he was talking about.]"

I know, not exactly riveting theological musings, but it was memorable. I do recall it was an absolutely fantastic concert and that guy could dance. We would make many trips to Buffalo, Houghton, Roberts Wesleyan, the Auditorium Theater to see all manner of concerts from people and groups like Whiteheart, Petra, Holy Saint, Michael Peace, Michael was a dynamic time in Christian music and in my walk with God.

Do I want to go back there? Not really - I have moved on from there and I am sure I am glamorizing it all to a great degree. At any rate I enjoyed my college days and this facet of it. Even if the conversation with Bryan Duncan didn't quite go as planned.


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