What's in a name?

Quite a bit, actually. There is a reason why I have been thinking about names and labels recently and had a thought that gave me some pause. I was in a meeting yesterday and had a shirt on with "Eddie Bauer" across the front of it. It has to be one of my favorite shirts of all time because it is a quality (albeit fading) shirt and it fits me well. I was thinking that I would have a harder time wearing the shirt (or buying it in the first place) if it was manufactured by a company called "Bowel Movement"...especially if the company name was emblazoned on the front of the shirt. I would have a hard time overcoming the name of the company no matter how good the product was or how nicely it fit me.

Unfortunately for me, as purely human and in an of myself, perception equals reality. There is nothing that I can do to overcome that. My five senses (and perhaps conscience) being what they are is the only portal through which I can interpret anything about this world. What a pitiful state I am in for I am finite and bound by both space and time. Thankfully there is an unbound One who perceives what, in fact, is reality. And He has even shared what He perceives through revelation.

How does my perception illuminate His? How does my reason examine Him? How indeed.


  1. I must admit - my first blog I've ever read with the words "bowel movement"...

    Feel free to share on principle of this (if not the content) on Sunday night... perception equals reality...

    in fact - maybe you should make a shirt... :)


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