The trench and the youngest

So, in an effort to alleviate the water problems we have been having in the front garden, we have decided to dig a French drain of sorts. Right now the trench is about 2 feet wide, a foot deep, and 35 feet long. I will be draining the water into a dry well of sorts that will be 24 inches across and 24 inches deep. I plan to use some PVC pipe to drain the collected water and a boat load of gravel. The trench and drain is just about 85% dug out and the next big thing will be laying the landscape fabric down so that the gravel won't get filled in with a bunch of dirt. I am looking to finish up the project by this weekend and will then install a raised garden in the back yard with all of the dirt I hauled out of the front.

My youngest son learned to ride a two-wheeler over the weekend and he did really well. He was a little skittish steering initially but we told him that he could spend his birthday gift cards at Toys R Us if he learned to stay on the sidewalk with the bike rather than go careening off into the road. Well that was just what he needed to shoot for because he did great after that. Then he worked really hard at getting started by himself. Sunday night I followed the boys on foot as they rode their bikes around the block. He did great the whole way around and I am happy that he had the fortitude to make it work.

Just a window into my weekend. The ordinary days are so rich and full that I almost wonder why I "look forward" to anything else.


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