My big mouth and aching bum

So, shooting my mouth off recently has made me ache where I would rather not. My wife was visiting with a friend and I mentioned that I might be interested in running a 5K in October. OK, it was more like an "I am there if you and your husband are there." Well, I guess I hadn't realized how close October really is until her husband stopped me on Sunday and basically said, in a manner of speaking, "I am doing it and so are you. So...don't punk me." So I tanked my workout yesterday but got on the treadmill today.

That was dumb as my bum in now numb.

I will be running this 5K in October and my main goal is to not embarrass myself. Notice I didn't say not go into cardiac arrest because that will be less embarrassing than having some women (read: my wife and her friend that are looking at participating in a parallel event) walk two miles faster than I can run 3.5 - which is a definite possibility now with the way I feel.

So I need to get on the stick. Big time. Once this tingling in my butt goes away.


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