What a great album Seeds of Change by Kerry Livgren was. I really enjoyed listening to that old cassette and would like to try to score it on CD before too long. I got to thinking about seeds today on my way in to work as I listened to the updates on the radio about the situation in Gaza. I just can't be surprised about what is going on over there given seeds of hate that have been sown. The fruit of death is the inevitable result. Can I expect anything but the current situation? What good fruit will grow from such a vile sowing? None I'm afraid.

Inspecting the fruit in my life I cannot be surprised about the bad things that crop up from time to time - much more than they should. I can't expect anything good from sowing the seeds of idleness, bitterness, thanklessness, and isolation. I guess the crud that springs forth from the fertile ground doesn't surprise me, but it doesn't seem to motivate me to sow different seeds. This sowing to the Spirit business is hard, but it is a true act of worship and I will worship. Unfortunately I worship me more than Him...much more it seems.

Help me, Dad, to sow the right seeds. I want the harvest of righteousness that You make available (help me know what that means!). You've given me a bag of good seed. Help me scatter it and tend it and thank you for the promise You have made to make it grow.


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