Patrick Swayze

Admittedly I am not a Patrick Swayze fan, but I just read short blurb on Yahoo news that made me think a bit. It is no secret that he is battling cancer. He went on to say that this battle with cancer "tests everything I believe in." I know that there are situations that I can encounter that would throw me into this kind of doubt, but I cannot imagine going through a situation where everything I believe in is tested. I would have to think that the emotional and mental pain that causes would be worse than the physical pain of the affliction (if that is what I would be battling). At the very least my faith and belief in the holy God of the Scriptures would give some context to my present suffering. Not having that as a lens to view my current circumstance through, or not trusting what I would be seeing through it, would be awful.

As terrifying as that would be I cannot even begin to imagine what my relationship with God would be like if my belief in Him was tested to the core and He proved Himself faithful. What exhileration that would be! I know that He promises us that His faithfulness will endure through all generations, but to have it contextualized to a period in my life of extreme suffering and questioning - what a gift that would be. It is too precious to even think about.

Is suffering around the corner? I am not looking for it, but I know that it doesn't have to be seeks.


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