Flourish Excel update

Well, the fish geekery continues...

I am just about into the second week of dosing the tank with Flourish Excel and I have, indeed, managed to kill my anacharis. Rats! rats! rats! It was looking good after the initial dose and my every-other-day dosing of the tank, but I overdosed on purpose to see what would become of some of the stubborn algae still clinging to life and that did it in. I tossed the stuff this morning and I need to clean the tank tonight as a result. After I fold the laundry of course.

I am going to try to score some more and see if I can find the right balance to the dosing and care for the plant before giving up all hope. On a positive note the java fern seems to be really taking off (boy, I'd like bigger one of these) and the algae on the anubias seems to be held in check quite nicely. This is especially true of the coffeefolia. I may even try to re-introduce the liquid fertilizer to see if this will stimulate the plants even more. It would be zippy if it did, but I am not holding my breath.

Someone has said that fishkeeping is more like water keeping where the fish and plants were bonuses. I think they're quite right.


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