Making sure

"Everybody knows a little bit of something
Just a little bit" -
Everybody Knows a Little Bit of Something, King's X

There are so many things that I want to take at face value. There are so many people's opinions that I just want to accept and move on with. It just makes sense to me that there are trustworthy people that know quite a bit more than I and that I can implicitly trust their take on things. Without reservation. All the time. But that just isn't the case. Ever.

But I want it to be. It takes a lot off energy to scrutinize everything. And then there is always the question of motives which muddies the water of the standard fact-checking that needs to be done. Often times it isn't even a matter of laziness, but a matter of time that "forces" me to rely on others to think for me. I guess the net of this is that I need to hold more loosely to opinions that I have on subjects that I may not know a whole lot about. That also means that I need to plead ignorance a lot more than I do. Saying things with authority to give the appearance of certitude is fine for a sitcom, but not so good for life situations that are not easily resolved in a half an hour.

It also means that I get to ask more questions which is fine. I like to ask questions. I just need to hold loosely to the answers I am given and remember that everybody knows a little bit of something. But just a little bit.


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