Dry skin and close enough

For probably the first time in my life I am struggling with dry skin on my hands. I have no idea why. My wife has chronically dry skin through the winter and, on occasion, during the summer, but mine has been fine until this year. I used some goofy lotion that we have here at work in the restroom and that didn't seem to help too much. I used come Curel last night before going to bed and that seemed to help a lot more. I think I will have to be diligent about using the lotion from now until this little condition clears up. Maybe this is a change my body is going through now that I am hurtling headlong out of my 30's?

I am not an accurate person. My motto, at least internally, is "close enough". Close enough is sometimes good enough, but there are times when it just doesn't cut it. My wife is not a "close enough" kind of person. She is precise, so precise that it drives me crazy at times. I am often bewildered that my close enough does not, necessarily, meet with her approval. We are not two peas in a pod and there is tension in our house when my "close enough" clashes with her "exactly this". I hope that I can get to be more like her. That is one area where close enough just isn't going to cut it.


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