The big exhale

It is funny to me that there is a big something or other, I'll call it an exhale, that happens on Sunday night when the boys are in bed. My wife and I have a tendency to look at each other and wonder how we made it through another week/weekend without going stark raving mad. The energy that being a husband/wife/father/mother demands is so overwhelming at times. Add to this work, ministry, friendships, and other sundry items and I wonder if life was ever meant to be like this.

I do love it though - when we all sit together in the evening service and watch the baptisms, listen to the testimonies, and sing together. There is so much of my life where I know, I mean really know, that this is as good as it can be. The mounting challenges only let me drink, ever deeper, the time He has graced me with.

I will exhale next Sunday night. I just pray that as I do, He will be increasingly pleased with all that I have chosen to devote my time to.


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