Benefit of the doubt

Why is it so hard for me to give people the benefit of the doubt? When I don't know all of the information about the motives of people I automatically go to that place where I know I shouldn't go. The place where I know that someone is deliberately trying to offend me, or at least the place where I can stand in judgment over their insensitivity toward me and my needs. Why do I automatically go there? And where is the grace if where I went in my mind turns out to be entirely accurate?

This side of Genesis 3 I can't assume righteous behavior on the part of everyone I am in a relationship with. At the same time, people can't assume that I am acting righteously all the time either - even though I think they should. My track record is not that stellar in this regard so assumptions like that are not too far off base. At the same time I need to think the best of people until I figure out, with certainty, something to the contrary.

Of course this will give me less to talk about with everyone, but flapping my gums less is a good thing. Especially for me.


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