Whatever happened to...

He was just a goofy looking kid on a goofy looking bike, but he rode it up and down our street a lot. Or at least it seemed like a lot. So much, in fact, that we gave him a name. He was the Bionic Schnid. Now I just did a search on "bionic schnid" in Google and didn't get any hits so apparently the name did not stick. That isn't surprising, but it is a bit disappointing. I think that we, as kids, kind of wanted it to stick...to mark the one we were directing it at. But alas, our plans were foiled and I have lost track of whatever happened to him.

Don't ask me what his real name was because I have no idea. The picture of this long-black-haired, spectacled kid on his bike (with front and rear fenders nonetheless) enjoying the Summer and riding this way and that up and down Strathmore Drive will be forver etched in my memory. And that memory will be taken to the grave I am sure unless it is carried along in the minds of my sons or whoever chooses to recall this post.


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