A tale of two days

You think I’d have it down by now
Been practicing for thirty years
I should have walked a thousand miles
So what am I still doing here?
- Chris Rice, Clumsy

Yesterday was quite the interesting day. We were socked in with clouds and rain all morning and the mood in my heart (and around our house) matched the stark clouds perfectly. My wife was off to deal with an unreasonable person, the boys were semi-late for the bus, I hit all kinds of traffic on the way into the office, we were having issues with a minor home improvement project...there were all kinds of reasons to be foul - or so I thought.

As if to let me know that I still need the Savior the afternoon was completely different. The burden of the unreasonable person was lifted (due, in no small part, to my wife's handling of the situation), the sun was so bright that I squinted the entire way home, the commute in the afternoon was nothing short of a pleasure, there was bacon for dinner, and we received a good report and some good encouragement from our oldest son's teacher.

What was different between the morning and afternoon? Nothing of consequence. Yet somehow my countenance was markedly improved in the afternoon. Did I need what God sent my way? Why do I still struggle with all of this? What am I still doing here?


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