Sweet sleep

Yesterday I had the opportunity to do some chainsawing on the wood pile that my in-laws have out in Williamson, NY. It was hot, but not unbearably so, and I did end up getting a lot done. There was some reconditioning done on the saw recently and it is humming through the wood so I am very happy about that. I wasn't keen on going out yesterday because of the heat and the business of the day but there were a few things that pushed me in the right direction.

The one was that I would have the opportunity to get some fruit and vegetables for my wife who has been a mad woman getting the "harvest" canned, frozen, and jammed. There was a bushel of 20 ounce apples waiting to be turned into sauce so that was a good thing to bring home. The second was that I wouldn't lose a lot of weekend time with the boys and that I would have some time to play with them in the evening when I got home. The third was that hard work satisfies me and that it brings on sweet sleep.

I wonder if death will ever be as sweet to me as the sleep I had last night. I wonder if I will embrace it the way my friend Howard did. I wonder if I will welcome him as one who has been redeemed and one who will ride with him into His presence.


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