Slogging it out

I get overwhelmed very easily. Last Friday I took a look at all the stuff I had to do over the weekend and into the first half of this week and was a little overwhelmed at the whole thing. I had plans of how to accomplish those tasks but got lost in the "what-ifs" and in the elements that I did not have in place to accomplish the tasks. Then there is always the ideal vs. the actual that drives me a little nuts: what I would like to do versus what I can reliably do.

All of that having been said it looks like I will be good to go on accomplishing all of my responsibilities after tonight. I will be doing the taping (and maybe the editing that I have to do) tonight and the video should be accomplished by Thursday. I am ready (save a few small things) for the special ministry night that I have had on the books for Wednesday and it looks like the weather will hold for me to get some more wood cut on Sunday. Add to that the swim lessons and soccer camps, homework, and house maintenance and I could find opportunity to get overwhelmed again.

Or i could take this opportunity to reflect on God's provision thus far and, resting in His immutability, trust Him for His future provision.


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