Life is so rich and full

How can anyone be bored? I guess I just don't understand it, but life just seems to be so rich and full right now it makes me almost burst. We had so many unique experiences over the four days I was off from work it is hard to know where to begin. Whether it was my son completely immersed in watching Mary Poppins (outside in the dark nonetheless!) or rejoicing in the eventual loosening of the tightened chain on the chainsaw and the productivity enhancement it garnered, I can't begin to convey the experience of it all.

It is almost like being immersed in a relentless display of indescribable colors...there is nothing that can be conveyed to anyone that will accurately contain it all. It is all experience. My experience. And that frustrates me at times for I want people to share in my joy - not the joy that I can verbalize, but the one that is in my head; the one that is thrust from my heart. Will it always be this individual experience? Or will this, too, be swallowed in whole as I gaze into His eyes? Will this longing be satisfied in my glorification? Indeed, how could it not be.


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