I am not as concerned about evolution as a scientific theory than I am about it being used as a philosophy or as an "answer to everything". The reason that I say that is an embracing of the "philosophy" of evolution, and the godlessness it purports, will land someone in Hell while embracing evolution as the mechanics of how God moved species into their present form is less damning of an issue. There are people that believe that creation can be explained through the mechanics of evolution that are in heaven today - we can be assured of that. However, the application of evolution into areas where it was never intended to be (i.e. philosophy, theology) has given rise to all manner of godless systems and has led people into destruction.

I think the main issue that I have with evolution is that the Bible clearly says that sin entered the world through one man, Adam, and that by this the world was cursed right along with him. Of course, the extent of the curse is outlined in Genesis 3 and its implications a bit in the first half of Romans, but it seems to me that, for example, death and disease was never God's intention for His creation. If that is the case (and I think that it is) I find it hard to reconcile the billions of years of the death of living creatures necessary for the evolutionary process to play itself out. That having been said, a belief in God-directed evolution does not scare me as much as someone who does not acknowledge Christ as Lord.

One of the final messages delivered to humanity in the book of Revelation (14:7) is given by an angel where it is declared that God is the creator. I think this is the message that needs to be intact and without question; firm until the end. The mechanics of His creative work are ancillary to this fact and, if the process of evolution is a hang-up for people coming to Christ (I am not sure that I ever heard anyone mention this) then embrace Christ, accept evolution, and may He begin a good work in you that He will be faithful to complete.


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