Should I get high on this?

So many questions and so few answers - is this my lot? I am listening to the Beyond Measure album from Jeremy Camp and I love the song When You Are Near. I mean really love it. The words are real and heartfelt and the music is reminiscent of Spandau Ballet. I think the fact that it reminds me of them is a large part of my attraction to the song. So that leads me to wonder if the high I receive from the song is something that I should be receiving.

Even though I have been bought by blood there still seems to be so much of who I am that is tied up in who I was. Music especially. I am a child of God, but I find the child of the 80's slipping through now and again. Are the Spandau Ballet songs rattling around in my head innocuous enough to be irrelevant or do they signal competition for my affections? Is the fact that I think Rick Rollin' is a super groovy idea a signal that I am more carnal that I should be? Are these questions just a distraction from the ones I ought to be asking?


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