I have no idea why I thought of this

I had a co-worker who was laid off a while ago and I remember talking with another co-worker about it. She mentioned that he was reading a passage in the Scriptures concerning Jesus' trial and took comfort in that during his time of uncertainty. What was interesting is that, as he read the passage, he came to the realization that there were things that we are called to deal with that are out of our control. I could only assume that he read the "out of our control" part into the passage he had read. If he did then I am glad that I do not serve the God he does. I couldn't do it for there is no service that could be rendered to a God that impotent.

Last night I was catching up on my read through the Bible in a year program and read numerous chapters in the gospel of John. John's gospel is so interesting to me especially in the 6th through the 10th chapters. In John 10:17-18 Jesus makes the statement of all statements when he asserts that no one takes the life that he willingly lays down for the sheep. He lays it down by hi authority and he takes it up by that same authority. Rather than seeing the trial and murder of Christ as the last bits of a downward spiral we see it being permitted by Christ himself and ordained by the Father.

Oh that this would operate in my life. The peace that I would have that nothing is born of chance, but that it is carefully selected by God to continue the good work He has started in me. If I but thought this way for a second I would have such an unshakable, steadfast faith.


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