And to think I would have missed it

I woke up this morning after a long visit into unconsciousness and had my daily struggle about whether I would get up and jog this morning or not. I seem to have recalled that it was getting a tad cool last night and was concerned that it would be a bit too brisk for my comfort. Curiously I wasn't that concerned about the temperature in February. At any rate I dragged my sorry buhumpkis out of bed and, on my way down the stairs, was convinced that I wouldn't be running.

Soon enough after a bit more wrangling I donned my sweat pants, sneakers, got my iPod, and I opened the door. The second I walked out onto the porch I was hit with a beautiful Spring morning. I hadn't felt warmth that lovely and smelled scents that inviting in such a long time. It reminded me of the Summer mornings that I would hit the golf course with my brother. I, for an instant, forgot the task ahead of me and took a couple of deep think I would have missed that moment that is so firmly planted in my mind even now. How shallow and frail I am.

Of course by the end of the run I felt like scrambled eggs under a truck tire, but that is another day's post.


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