A connection maybe?

I would really like to have time to study this, but I am involved in too many other things as it is so I am just going to articulate it and see if there is someone else out there who could shed some light on it. After listening to "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" for one and a half hours straight I noticed something. The way the fiddle and the guitar is played is vaguely similar to the way the various instruments are played on another album I have from the Baltimore Consort called "On the Banks of the Helicon: Early Music of Scotland" especially the songs "Kathren Oggie", "Scotch Cap", and to a lesser extent "I Will Not Go To Bed Till I Suld Die". I think the similarities are too striking to be coincidental and I doubt that the early country music pioneers studied the music of early Scotland and Ireland for their influence, but I could be wrong.

Yet, there is an influence there and it can even be picked out by an untrained ear such as mine. Our church is blessed with numerous professional and aspiring professional musicians so I may ask around a bit to see what I can glean from them.

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