Who I am

I was listening to the radio a while back and there was a gentlemen being interviewed that was peddling his new book. I heard him say something that I wasn't too sure about, but it seems to be ringing a bit truer to me now that I have had time to think about it. Not that it seems entirely true, but truer nonetheless.

He talked about the labels we give our kids at times: "You're a troublemaker." or even "You are so smart." and how damaging both positive and negative labels can be. I rather thought that positive labels were good, but he mentioned that not everyone is smart all of the time. Not everyone is strong, handsome, intelligent, or witty all of the time. We put pressure on people when we label them with something because it sets expectations and expectations can lead to disappointment.

I guess part of me had to get into the emotional side of this statement to assess its validity in my life (being rejected caused me to doubt who people said I was) but also I see his point in this: I am frail. I will not always be loved by people. I will not always have the ability to run. I will not always go at something with enthusiasm. I will not always display intelligence as I solve a problem that is presented to me.

But -

I will always be loved by my Lover. I will always be shown mercy and grace as I am a receptacle of mercy and a trophy of His grace. I will always be shown the right way and empowered to take the path. I will always be blessed. I will always have access to the joy of my salvation. I will always have the hope of heaven. I have been labeled by the One who has set His affection on me and I am His. His Spirit has been given to me as a deposit and as a foretaste of that which is to come.

And all of this allows me to go in peace to love and serve the Lord. Thanks be to God.

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