We decorated the tree last night

"Pagans" that we are we went ahead and decorated the tree last night after having secured the beast on Saturday and erecting it in the living room on Sunday night after the Amazing Race. There weren't too many hiccups in the process although we noticed a slight (ok more than slight) tilt in the tree that required some not-so-subtle readjusting. The boys were really into it this year and were less than patient with their mother and me as we strung the lights and the garland that we have forgotten more than remembered. Once that was out of the way they were very excited about the ornaments and hung them with great zeal.

Speaking of zeal I was a bit over zealous with cutting the branches off the bottom the tree does look good. It is not as full a tree as in years past but it is more than made up in the fact that the four of us had a hand in picking it out and getting it looking as good as it is. In addition I am more than impressed with my reciprocating saw and the ease in which it allowed me to give the tree that fresh cut off the bottom and take care of those pesky branches.

On a totally unrelated note my Palm m125 gave up the ghost and I feel so alone. I did find an m500 on Ebay for $35.00 and it will be shipped soon. That model is definitely a step up from the m125 and I hope that it turns out to be as rugged as the one that has been my companion these past four years.

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