To a place

Here we are
We have come this far
To say a prayer
On Lindisfarne
- Journey Into the Morn, Iona

I am not sure what to make of it. I know that God fills this universe such that every atom holds the whole of Him. Moving in God such that I breathe in and out inhaling and exhaling oxygen and carbon dioxide that contains all of who He is I don't know what to make of it. There are so many people (myself included at times) that have this incredible sense of place and pilgrimage. As if this place that they have come upon holds such special significance that there is a greater sense of the One who created it. Is this a person that lacks faith and doctrine such that they lose sight of the omnipresence of God, or is there something more than that?

I know Christ Himself retreated to special places to pray and to commune with his Dad, but I wonder why. Was it to just get away from it all or was there something more significant about Gethsemane that night or in the previous times he prayed there? What about when he pushed out in a boat either with his disciples or alone - was there something more significant about that place? Could he have not communed with his Father i the midst of the crowd? Or were the places he went a model of what I am to do on occasion or at least much more than I do now?

More questions than answers today I'm afraid.


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