Some things I am missing

I have written in at least one previous post about my life and that I am always losing things and then, sometimes, finding them. Then I lose more stuff and am in need of finding those things as well. Well, this morning, I found the red snow brush that we had been missing. The tip of the handle was peering out from under the front, passenger-side seat in my car. It is jammed in there pretty good, but I will free it tonight in time for more snow and sleet that is forecast for this weekend. I am still missing some things (most notably my Once Dead Vengeance Rising CD) but at least one mystery is solved. I am looking forward to the next thing that turns up missing.

I have a feeling the oldest son is going to inherit this gift of mine. He came home from school one day without one sneaker. The next day he was missing one boot. The next day he was missing the new pair of gloves that were purchased for him for this winter. All of these things have since shown up again (we are still unaware of how the gloves made their way home) so at least his stuff has a knack for making itself known again like mine does.

I know I shouldn't be personifying possessions, but it is kind of hard not to do when they act like people - running away, hiding, turning themselves in. It is much too close of a resemblance to recent current events to ignore.

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