Good to go this morning

As good as I feel now, I should have been more on the game yesterday. I wrote in a previous post that I had some soreness in my "vlorch" and muscled through it on my morning run not wanting to tank it. Well, the soreness didn't go away so I was in an extended period of healing for that. Then the snows came and running outside was an improbability most days and an impossibility some days. I decided that I had to find some other way to exercise.

Well, I just couldn't get motivated to do that. Try as I might running, it seems, is what I was meant to do. It was a real struggle to do anything else. So, this morning, I ran. And it felt great. It felt like I was home as I hoofed it through the neighborhood. I stuck to the roads because they were nice and clear (there were some icy patches on the sidewalks) but it was a great morning and I only had to step in one snow bank.

Even though it was a "fun run" I am excited to be back in the saddle. We will see what the dog days of winter bring, but now I know something more about me than I did at 5:30 a.m. this morning.

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