What am I a part of?

We had a food collection in the Champions club that wrapped up on November 14th. I  now have a bunch of food down in my basement ready to go somewhere. While buying batteries last night for my sons' new Buzz Lightyear race track I noticed that there was a collection barrel for food at the local grocery store sponsored by Foodlink which is the food bank here in Western New York. Having interned at the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York I was well aware of food bank operations and thought contributing to this drive would be a good thing.

This morning I mentioned to my wife that I found a place for the food and she mentioned that she had spoken with a friend of ours who knew of a family that needed food and clothing. She told us about the need that this family had in an email on November 19th. I am tempted to chalk this up to a happy circumstance, but it seems to be much more than that.

Through this I am reminded that I am to be obedient and faithfully apply the revealed will of God in the Scriptures to every part of my life. I then need to leave the impact I will have as a result of that application up to God. He will make sure that what I do will be used to further His kingdom if He so chooses. It will have the impact that He wants it to have. This, then, is the lesson for me and what I will communicate to the Champs this Wednesday.

It is also kind of scary and disconcerting. Moving in one direction I suddenly find myself moving in another and it was the one He had intended all along. Once again my plans were not His nor were my ways (en toto) His.

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