There is a song by the now long gone band Vengeance Rising called "You Can't Stop It". Come to think of it I am missing my Once Dead album from them. I wonder where it went? Anyway, whenever I hear this song I think about how relentless God is in pursuit of that which He deserves - His glory. A former pastor of mine was keen on saying that "the mills of God grind slow but they grind exceedingly small". Exceeding small indeed as He leaves nothing and no-one unturned in the pursuit of His glory. Including me. Including you who may be reading this.

God is a complete and utter deliverer to me because I have made my peace with Him. He scares me at times when I realize what my hands have wrought at times. It is always and forever exactly what He said it would be. By the same token God is an absolute terror to those who wage war against Him. He never sleeps in His relentless pursuit of His glory and will not deliver those on whom His favor does not rest. The only reason that does not shake more to their very soul is that there is an ignorance of Him that is a result of their constant rebellion.

There will come a day when He will not be ignored. Repent. Make your peace with Him because you can't stop this pursuit of His. And He won't stop this pursuit.


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