From the I-literally-have-no-idea-what-I-am-doing department: I had a friend who would not reset his password to his main computer before he left work for the weekend. That makes sense to me and I have practiced that. Well, apparently I cannot even reset my password before I leave my desk for a meeting. I did this yesterday and I found myself locked out of my computer. I didn't think it was going to be a huge problem so I looked on the world wide web for some cracks to get back in. Well, I found one that required making a boot disk from a CD. I didn't have any blank CDs so I had to import one from home. Well, a couple of hard shutdowns, boots into safe mode, and restarts later and I am in thanks to these instructions.

Now about those Azaleas that are biting the dust in the front garden, well, that is another issue. I need to really get an extra set of eyes on those to diagnose how I seem to kill them every time I put them in the ground.

On a different note it seems as though we a happy, moderately healthy lawn in the front yard for the first time since we moved in. We had a clump of trees taken down in one corner of our lot (which were way too close to the house) and had every other tree in our front yard trimmed. I also have put on 4 different lime applications to raise the pH in the soil and I think we have cracked this nut. We are even experiencing a moderate drought up here and it is still looking all right. After another soil test I think I will need to spread some more lime later in the Summer so that the pH will increase a little more. The nitrogen in the soil is really good as I mulch and fertilize regularly. Good thing lime is cheap.


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