Sometimes it takes me a little while

One of the more annoying things I do when I am exercising is look at the amount of time I have left until I can stop. I haven't gotten to the point where exercising is so much fun that I am disappointed when it is over. Imagine that. I guess if I ever get to that point I will have crossed some line somewhere that I do not want to think about. Anyway - this is an issue because I am always telling myself "OK, Mark, just 12 more minutes." or "Five minutes - you can do this for five more minutes - right?"

Well, today I did something about it. Once I got up to my "jogging" speed (5.0 mph) I covered up the time elapsed with my iPod and just had the calories burned indication showing. Now I know that I burn about 310 calories per session, so it is a bit of a tip off where I am at in my exercising, but less of an issue (it seems) than looking at the time. I also know I can get through about 8 songs on the iPod during the session, but, again, less of an issue than looking at the time.

It seemed to be a tad more enjoyable this morning. I think that this will be the way I do things going forward. Not looking at the time allows my mind to wander a bit more freely. I lifted the iPod when I was at the 23:30 mark and, of course, eagle-eyed the clock until the 27:00 minute mark when I begin the cool down. Baby steps, I know, but forward nonetheless.


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