Shape and form part 2

I know the feeling well. When I lay my head on my pillow at night knowing that the work that I performed that day was good. When satisfaction floods my heart and I close my eyes tired but tried and found true. Helen Keller answered that she did not know if she closed her eyes when she slept because she never stayed awake long enough to find out. I can imagine a smile on my face as I drift off to sleep on those days.

He knows the feeling well. When He lays my head on my pillow at night knowing the work that He had performed that day was good. Setting my pace ever more firmly on the path to Christ-likeness satisfaction floods His heart. He was tried this day for the thousandth time even as His servant descends to his sleep, and He was found to be true. His face beams as He sings over him and the angels flee His presence for it is too awesome a sound. Ever vigilant, His will is to preserve him through this night. "Sleep well," He sings ever so softly, "and know that I have always loved you."

How different is His activity than mine? Is that which satisfies His heart so different than that which satisfies mine? Yes, Lord, I long for the shape of things to be true to their form. Please teach me what that means.


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