No end of things

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“He who has God plus many things, has nothing more than he who has God, alone.” C.S. Lewis
"If it all comes true; and our dreams fall like bombs from the blue..." - Chagall Guevara

There really is no end of things to write about. Even when I am writing about the fact that there is no end to things to write about.

I finished the book Me, Myself, and Bob by Phil Vischer. Our family has been big VeggieTales fans since the beginning much to some people's dismay. The book that Vischer wrote about his experience in the founding, growing, and dismantling of Big Idea is excellent reading. I have to say that the read is much more compelling now that he is not the Christian Walt Disney that he longed to be.

I personally think that the final three or four chapters should be required reading for Christian men. I know that I have a tendency (like Vischer) to become dream-, and vision-focused in my ministries, workplace, and even sometimes in my family. Vischer was right to pull back from that and re-focus on what is important - obedience which is the fruit of a right relationship with God.

If I, as a man after God's heart, have my dreams come true - every single one of them - I have nothing more than the man who has had every single, God-honoring dream frustrated. If I have God plus a job, God plus my health, God plus anything I have nothing more than the man who lives in a refrigerator box on Main Street if he is redeemed.

I fear I will need a life to plumb the depths of that. But the journey starts here.


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