Just a big act

There are days when I feel that who I project myself to be to others is just a big act. I mean how much of this "change" in my life is all the way down. How much of it is cosmetic? That to me is frightening but also is the foundation of the Wonder that God is. He knows everything, literally everything, about me. No secrets, lies, misunderstandings, perceptions...none of that. And He wants me to serve Him. He wants to sit right next to me and put His arm around my shoulder and whisper, "No, do it this way."
He killed His only Son in for His own Glory - and in that pursuit of that which He so rightly deserves He saved me. No one has ever done anything like that for me. Save One. And is there now any doubt why I shake when I talk about Him? Is there any doubt why He has my heart?

Take more of my heart, Lord, for I fear that even my prayer is fraught with selfishness and pride.


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