Interesting night

We had an interesting night last night at the Champions club. I think we, as leaders, struck a nice balance between instruction (both formal and informal) and fun. We started with game time (as we always do) and then moved to the formal instruction. I had the kids write down some questions that they always wanted to ask about the Scriptures or their faith and hand them in. Then we sang some songs (the kids even sang "Happy Birthday" to me). I also made them guess my age - the highest guess was 45 and the lowest was 26. Then we talked about parables and why Christ taught in them. We then read Adam Raccoon and the Flying Machine (a good parable) and looked for the heavenly meaning in the earthly story.

Then, there was an impromptu request from one of the clubbers to here how my wife and I got together. So...I invited my wife to my side and we told the story. I think that stuff is critical in our ministry. We, largely, did things right when we were dating and when we decided to get married. It is good for them to see a couple of God's children embracing the emotions and all of growing in love and making the commitment to marry.

I then pulled some of their questions out and began to answer them. Some of them were quite good: "Why did God create us when He knew we were going to mess up?" "Why is there love?" and "Why is there a Hell?" I let them know that the answers that we would be giving them were absolutely just scratching the surface of the question and that they could take a lifetime plumbing the depths of any of them.

The only way it could have been better is if we broken into small groups after this. I barely had time to prepare what I did let alone get some good questions for small group time. I am going ot have to make that commitment to them every week.


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