The danger in finding a reason for everything

I apologize in advance for the impersonal nature of this post.

We were watching a hospital show last night where there was a conflict between a character who was a believer and one who was not. The show was flawed a bit in that Romans 8:28 was quoted but not used in the right context and that a relationship with Christ was reduced to a mere coping mechanism, but it did raise interesting points.

There is a danger in trying to find a reason for everything that happens. Not only do we tread in the halls of the Mind of God, but we reduce His activities to our understanding and acquiescence. In other words we may be saying, "If I can find out why this happened than all is well and God is who He said He is. If not, well, I guess He is less than what is revealed in the Scriptures." Or it very slowly dissolves our trust in Him.

Not only that, but we also have a tendency to be focussed on how the situation affected us and ignoring the others that may have been caught in it. I heard a story of a boy who said the reason that his father died was so that the life insurance benefit would fund his college for the year when he did not have the means to go. Certainly, that was a by-product of the death, but was it the reason? What about his mother who does not have a spouse or his sister who does not have a dad? It is a subtle point but do we know the reasons for anything that happens? Do we truly know?

Be careful, my sons. Do not subject your God to your understanding. Do not be quick to minimize the still strong sting of sin in this place that is not our home. Fear Him and handle His Word carefully lest you fall into the same pit.


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