A good time last night - 1 Vs. The Rest

Our Champions Club at North Baptist Church (3rd-6th grade boys and girls) had a "1 vs. The Rest" night with an extensive assortment of Bible trivia. I modeled it after the 1 vs. 100 show that is on TV right now, but we didn't have 100 people and we didn't have fancy electronic- answer-locking-in-mechanisms as we just used paper with letters printed on them for "The Rest" to reveal their answers.

The basic premise was that the 1 person would answer the Bible trivia questions and see how many of The Rest got the same one right. If one or more people in The Rest group got the answer wrong the 1 would get a piece of candy for every person that they knocked out. Now for every person in The Rest still in the game when the 1 got knocked out (i.e. got the question wrong) they would get a piece of candy. And this was chocolate. Not those Dum Dum lollipops that everyone throws out after Trick-or-Treating.

I think the kids really got into it and there was a certain level of excitement about the whole thing I would say.
All in all well worth doing again.

Well, at least I had fun and I am fond of saying (tongue firmly in cheek) that my entertainment is of paramount importance in anything that goes on at the Champions club. Seriously though I do use my level of excitement as a gage. If I am bored, I can't imagine what the clubbers are experiencing. If I can bore even myself I am sure that the clubbers would be bored even stiffer.


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