The "boy couch"

I have two sons and no daughters. "The boys" (I include myself in that category), if left to our own devices, will descend into fraternity behavior sooner rather than later. We like to throw snow at each other, "shoot" each other with the Nerf gun or our shooting stars launcher, "rock" each other's world, and pretend we are giving each other "discipline" in our best Arnold Schwarzenegger voices (which aren't very good). Well, the best thing that we have come up with so far is something that we call "the boy couch". That little moniker is given to any piece of furniture where the boys pile on top of each other to watch a video, read, or just hang out together. Last night we were at my parent's house watching a Winnie the Pooh video and, sure enough, there was a "boy couch" that was employed to take in the experience. It is a lot of fun.

Part of the challenge for a boy is to disengage from the mother and attach themselves to the father. In order for this to take place the father must be seen as strong and good. I pray that this is what is happening here. I pray that the boy couch is part of this attachment and not just a fun thing to do to get a reaction out of mom. Time will tell. Lord, help me to teach them to be a man after the things that fill Your heart and spill out through your actions.


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