Ubuntu and the iPod

I received an iPod Nano (second generation) from my wife for Christmas. It is a nice machine and I have about 1.4 gigabytes left on it out of the 4 that it came with. I haven't signed up for any podcasts yet but I am slowly zeroing in on some that I would like to subscribe to. I had a difficult time getting the thing to work in Ubuntu Linux (Edgy Eft) until I came across a post in a forum that laid out what I needed to do:

How I got an IPod Nano to work under Linux

Rather than use amaroK I have decided to use GTKpod but everything else was the same. I have even gotten GTKpod to mount and unmount the device after I plug it into the USB 2.0 port. I have not had success ripping a CD and getting it to transfer to the iPod yet, but I have been able to modify the iPod playlists and write other files to it. One step at a time I guess.


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