Gotta love the web - December 11, 1987

Back in my high school days I was experimenting with all kinds of music. Punk, new wave, jazz, new age, classical...if it was not played on a radio station the majority of the people at school listened to it was fair game for me. That is where I developed a taste for Handel, Vivaldi, Vangelis, Philip Glass, Ray Lynch, The Pogues, and even the Clash (before Combat Rock that is).

Well, on December 11, 1987 I was apparently watching Late Night with David Letterman and there was an arrangement of We Three Kings that was played by Miles Davis. It floored me and it has always been in the back of my mind to try to get the recording. Turns out it is on the Scrooged soundtrack (an apparently to-be-forgotten movie with Bill Murray in it) with a bunch of other stuff I couldn't care less about. Also interesting is the fact that the score for the movie was composed by Danny Elfman of Oingo Boingo "fame". Oh well, I need to see if I can score a cheap version of the CD sometime as I would love the song and can't suck it down over iTunes.

Anyone out there have a copy I could get real cheap? You know you don't listen to it.


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