No post yesterday

Wow yesterday was busy. I got into work and had a surprise 4-hour meeting to attend in the afternoon. I needed to get some information prepared for the meeting so that took the morning. Imagine that...I had to work at work. Things have calmed down a bit, but not by much.

We will be having a photo scavenger hunt in the Champions club (3-6 grade boys and girls) tomorrow night so I am busy getting stuff together for that as I thought of the idea and am the coordinator of the night. I think it will be a good time. I have had to scale things back a bit from my original vision, but that's not all together a bad thing. Just need to be flexible, which a I am, up to a point I guess.

Nothing else much new here. I am solidly into the Minor Prophets in my Bible reading program (Amos) and I think I will go for it again next year. I have really enjoyed it and I am getting a lot out of reading through it with the program I am in right now. Thankfully my wife has taken an interest in reading in bed before we actually go to sleep so this has given me a good chunk of time to make some progress in this area.


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