My son talked to God

Talk to God
Let's Talk to God
Before the night is through
- Undercover

It is a good thing my wife was sitting down to lunch with us yesterday because I would have missed it. My oldest son said that he talked to God. The conversation went something like this:

"I talked to God", he said to no one in particular.
"You talked to God?" his mother asked.
Dad's ears perked up as the youngest ate his peaches oblivious, or so I thought, to the conversation.
"Yes," he answered not realizing the gravity of the situation.
"Do you talk to God a lot?" his mother asked.
"Yeah," he answered after nodding his head slightly.
"What did you talk to God about?" his dad asked.
"He had a truck and I wanted it," he reported referencing his youngest brother.
"Oh," his dad answered. "You know, it is good to talk to God about things that we want. Sometimes He will give them to us and sometimes He'll ask us to wait for them. Did He make him give you the truck?"
"No," the oldest said.

God, he is making his requests known to You. Thank you for this. Help his mother and I to nurture these feeble prayers as you do ours even now. May he see You as the source of everything that is good even when You answer "no."


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