Maybe I'm just dense

There’s no strength like utter weakness,
There’s no insult like the truth. – Charlie Peacock

OK, it seems like day to day I have no idea what strength through weakness is. Is it the fact that I am too busy not to pray? Is this it? Or is it the fact that I acknowledge that I cannot, in and of myself, know right from wrong and need a guide to bring me to that knowledge? Is this born out when I trusted my salvation to the finished work of Christ on the cross? Is it in the way I spend my time in and out of work, home, from the presence of the church? Is it a combination of all of these things?

When I look at my life (or a dispassionate observer does) will they see strength through utter weakness? If they were to get into my head and see into my heart and really assess what is happening there will they see anything qualitatively different than my neighbor who does not give a rip about God?

Truth as insult I have no qualms accepting. All you need to do is see the beads of sweat on my head and hear my thumping heart when I am rebuked to know that I take no issue with that. Nor am I confused over its operation in my life.


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