Fall has come again

Kind of weird, but kind of cool. My son started Kindergarten this week and has been up every morning at 6:45. Mind you we don’t have to wake him up. He gets up on his own and is ready to go the minute he is up. That is a great thing for me anyway. Well, my wife is up as well and gets him ready and out the door for the bus that arrives at 7:35. It has all been rather strange for me because for lo these many years I have been virtually alone in my preparations for work but now am in the midst of all this activity. I participate when I can, but I am usually in the throes of my own stuff at that point in the day. It will be even more fun when both boys have to get up and out the door for school.

Looks like the Fall has brought a few more changes to a few more people in the family than I had originally envisioned.


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