There's no hero quite like LarryBoy!

No update yesterday on much of anything. Things just got so wicked busy and then…well…time just gets away from me more often than I care to imagine.

We just received the new VeggieTales video yesterday called LarryBoy and the Bad Apple. It is all about overcoming temptation and let me say in terms of it’s theology it is probably the most sophisticated VeggieTales video yet (rivaling Jonah). It makes excellent use of the Scriptures (in words and action) as even LarryBoy falls to the temptation to indulge in too much chocolate. What I particularly liked about the video is the emphasis it places on people helping each other out of situations where the one is tempted and the helper is not. A great picture of the church and the responsibility the Body of Christ has toward its members.

Oh, and the boys loved it too. But for different reasons I am sure.

Rock on, LarryBoy!


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