Is penultimate a word?

Your life is in danger. – Tourniquet

Relationships are the key that unlock effective ministry. Even God Himself pursued me and wanted to establish a relationship with me. When grasping that it was almost as if I had no choice – His love captured me as His grace set me free from the fetters that would have dragged me into Hell. I have often wondered about the balance between relationships as a means to an end and relationship for relationship sake. Most damnable would be a relationship where there was no warning given that the beloved’s life was in danger. What kind of service is that? One wrought in Hell as the Devil himself was more than happy to befriend me only to blind me to my destruction.

It seems to me that the true measure of love that I have for someone would be based on the fact of whether I shared the Gospel with them or not. In other words I would not even think of not sharing the Gospel with my boys. I have and will continue to do so. For them to accept the forgiveness and leadership of Christ is of penultimate importance to me. But what of the others where I have gained passport to do so? Is my love for them great enough to warn them?


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