Loving Him through knowledge

Early on in my Christian walk I was heavily influenced by contemporary Christian music. Artists like Whiteheart, Petra, Undercover, Stryper, Rez, Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart, Crumbacher...all of them brought something to the table for me sipritually and creatively. One of my favorites was (is) Daniel Amos. They had a song called "Darn Floor Big Bite" which attempted to capture our attempts to explain an inexplicable God. In that song they sang:

"I believe I've had a vision or two
Could have been a dream

I guess it could have been a dream

Could have been a dream

I saw the wide world crack where you touched down

And bodies wash up on a mythical shore

Will you save me now? Will you save me now?

In not-quite earth, in not-quite heaven

I'll imitate love like lovers do

In not-quite art, in not-quite living

I'll pray that writing it down is part of loving you

My sentiments exactly. I do pray that setting my mind on Him and running after a fuller knowledge of who He is and how He is to be expressed in my life is part of loving Him. Even if the best I can come up with is "Darn Floor Big Bite".


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