His peace

We went to visit my sister in law and my sister and brother in law and their family over the weekend. It was a great trip and well worth the effort. Some amazing storms rolled through on Saturday afternoon/evening and I guess there was a tornado warning in the area of my sister’s house. We gathered with the Open Door Baptist Church on Sunday morning and I heard a word picture that brought a verse alive to me. In Philippians Chapter 4 the Bible says that the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding will guard our hearts. The pastor then went into an illustration that concerned a guard dog (a BIG guard dog) reacting to a strange noise outside and warding off an intruder.

The peace of God as a shield to ward and guard is something that merits more meditation for me. I had never thought of that peace as a keep of sorts but that does ring true to me. It also makes me want more and more of that peace so that my heart will continue in its capable care.


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