Position and Practice

Cows. It has been a weird week for me. It has gotten a lot more interesting at work here and I am knee-deep in things outside of work as well. It is nice to have my mind engaged in things other than work. It keeps me human and “in touch” with stuff that matters. Not that work doesn’t matter. This place is such a proving ground for the Spirit-controlled life, but outside of this artificial money machine is where a lot of relevant stuff happens. I would hate to miss out on that in deference to this computer monitor and under the constant hum of the way-too-many servers this guy in the cube next to me has. Man, I can almost feel the fillings in my mouth heating up with all of the EMFs pouring out of there.

I will be hosting a “Survivor” spoof for the MOPS (Mother of Preschoolers) group at church this morning. I am a little nervous about it and want it to be good. I know that I often put too much pressure on myself with these sort of things. I get worried that the expectations people have will not be met. If they are not met, there is really nothing I can do. Their expectations are their own. They are not mine. That is not said to be mean or dismissive, but sometimes I need to let go of what people think in deference to what I can reasonably accomplish. Sometimes that means that I will be excluded from things that I would like to do. Sometimes that means that people with different and more pronounced skills than mine will supersede me in areas where I want to be pre-eminent. And the flesh drones on, doesn’t it?

Thank God that His Son has set me free from jockeying such as this. He has. Now, to live in practice what I am in position – that is the rub.


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