Just some observations

Just some observations:

  • Coffee-Mate dissolves in my coffee faster than Cremora. I have no idea why.

  • Coffee-Mate does not smell as good as Cremora does.

  • I like the taste of Cremora better.

  • When I bought the coffee for my coffee maker I bought it at Tops. They don’t carry Cremora. Only Wegmans does.

  • I bought the coffee at Tops because I was on my way to work and Tops is closer to my house than Wegmans is.

  • I like Wegmans better, but I heard that they are going to build a bigger one on the site where we go once Chase Pitkin (a hardware store) is out of the plaza. I hope they don’t build it too big because we like the smallish size of the store.

  • There are two other Wegmans that are close to our house that are on the bigger side of things. We go there when we need something exotic. Maybe this big Wegmans will save us the trip. Who knows?


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